Saving Money On Mobile Phone Bills

Economic situation nowadays is not in it’s best shape. Everday we hear that another company went bancrupt, another bank or investment institution facing difficulties, homes being repossessed and rising prices make a hole in our pockets. Words like ‘recession’ and ‘credit crunch’ are common in everyday use. Can we do anything with our mobile contracts or mobile usage to save a little bit of money?

I have compiled few tips for you to try to minimize your outgoings on mobile spend.

1. Downgrade your priceplan

Many of do not use all of our monthly allowances. Look at your invoices for past 2-3 months, are you using all your voice and text allowances? If you don’t, maybe it is a good idea to phone up your operator and ask if you can downgrade to a cheaper priceplan. My wife used to be with T-Mobile Flext 30, but she never used up all of her allowances in a month. We have downgraded her priceplan to Flext 25, giving us saving of £5 a month, £60 a year!

You have to be eligible to downgrade, some operators impose minimum term before you can downgrade your priceplan, so if you had your mobile contract signed just 2 or 3 months ago, you may not be eligible. Check with your operator. You can always upgrade if you notice that current allowance is not enough.

2. Get SIM only contract

If you are deciding to get a mobile contract, and you are happy with your current mobile phone, go for SIM only deals. You can get decent amount of minutes and texts for as low as £10 a month. Remember that operators incorporate price of new handset into your monthly payments over your term of contract. Cheapest SIM only deal you can get is £10 Vodafone, for which you will get 75 minutes and 500 texts, cheap but may not be enough if you make a lot of voice calls. Best deal in my opinion is Virgin Mobile’s Liberty SIM, which gives you anytime any network 300 minutes and 300 texts, calls to voicemail are free and you can cancel your contract anytime you wish.

T-Mobile gives you slightly more for the same money, 350 minutes and 500 texts for £15 a month, but calls to voicemail are charged at 12p a minute and calls to customer services are chargeable as well. Please be aware that you might need to unlock your phone if you buy SIM from different operator.

3.  Make the most of your renewal deal

When it is time to renew your contract, consider all possible options. You can compare offers from competition and tell your current provider to match it or ask for price reduction on your current priceplan. Many people get new handset during their renewal and sell it off on auctions like Ebay or Amazon. You can get a decent lump sum by keep using your old phone and selling new one.

4. Sell your old mobile phones

If you have old mobile phones that are just lying there in the cupboard and collecting dust, sell them! You won’t make a fortune but you can use money that you get for something more useful. There are a lot of websites that pay top money for your old mobile phone like or They will usually send you envelope, which you use to send your phone to them freepost. After they have checked your phone is working, they will usually send you a cheque. Of course there is always Ebay or Amazon where you can turn your trash to cash.

5. Don’t call 08* numbers

Recently most of mobile operators increased prices for calls to 08* numbers, some priceplans as much as 400%! Unless it is absolutely necessary, don’t call 08* numbers from your mobile phones, try to use fixed line instead.

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