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Lately we are getting a lot of visitors to our site searching for O2’s promotion O2 Top-up surprises. O2 launched Top-up Surprises promotion to reward it’s prepay customers few days ago. A lot of people seem to confused on where to claim their prize or how to play. We have compiled FAQ that you might find useful, most of this information is from O2 website.

1. How do I make sure I get promo code when I top-up?

You need to make sure you are opted in. To do this, call 2220 from your mobile and choose the option for O2 Top-up Surprises.

2. Where do I play?

You play and claim your prizes here: http://topupsurprises.o2.co.uk or http://www.o2.co.uk/surprises

If your browser doesn’t have Flash install, then go to non-flash version: http://topupsurprises.o2.co.uk/nonflash/?r=1


3. What surprises can I receive?

There are three types:

* A network gift (free texts, minutes or picture messages)
* A download gift (a free game, ringtone or wallpaper)
* An instant win prize (eg an iPod Touch, Nintendo Wii)

Click on the surprises icons on the O2 Top-up Surprises site homepage. For list of instant win prizes click here.

4. I’ve lost or deleted my code. How do I get it back?

There’s a link on the homepage of the O2 Top-up Surprises website. It’s on the right hand side. Just type in your phone number and click to have it resent. You can do this up to five times. Or alternatively click here: http://topupsurprises.o2.co.uk/nonflash/resendCode.jsp and enter your phone number.

5. How long does my code last for?

You’ve got 14 days from the time you top up.

6. When will I get my code?

Usually it won’t take more than 15 minutes, but it can take up to 2 hours.

7. I don’t have the internet. How do I play?

You can’t play without the website, so get looking for the nearest internet café or ask a friend if you can use their computer.

8. My O2 Top-up Surprises code doesn’t work

Check you’ve typed it in right and that the code hasn’t passed its expiry date (14 days after you topped up).

9. When does my surprise expire once I’ve claimed it?

It differs depending on what you’ve won. You’ll be told when your network or download gift will expire when you claim your surprise.

Hope this helps, happy winning!

52 thoughts on “O2 Top-up Surprises Help”

  1. Steps to play:
    1. Go to http://www.o2.co.uk/surprises from your computer (not phone!)
    2. select enter when page loads up
    3. select ‘Play Now’ in the middle of the screen in a red box
    4. enter your mobile number in the box and the unique code which was sent to you
    5. select the terms and conditions box
    6. select login
    7. hook a duck
    9. the ducks bottom will display your surprise
    10. on the right hand side you need to click on the collect button
    11. you will see a yellow box asking you to enter your details
    12. select enter draw


  3. did not receive a couple of the prizes that i had been awarded like the 50 mins free call to o2 caller and also texts not very happy

  4. agree with bill, the websites not coming up and ive got an exspensive computer, noot a good way to treat customers by wasting their time


  6. Dunno if the site or the surprises work…missed the 14 day deadline…could do with more than 14 days to stake-a-claim especially over the christmas period.

  7. i have just recieved my free minutes, but have got just 2 days to use them…..its better than a kick int teeth. thanks o2

  8. Like many others, I have no idea what your are playing at! Where do I enter my code for the 02 surprises scheme?

  9. thank you for my surprise,i am more than happy with my 100 free texts to any network.most of my family are on o2 and we all get free texts and phones calls to other o2 users,however a few of my friends are not on o2 so this will help me to have more text time with them.thanks.

  10. wassup with u muppets? I am a complete novice on a computer (only just got one) and i found right page straight away and got 50 free minutes although they have got to be used within 2 days a bit poor that o2

  11. Dear Sirs, this seems to be nothing but a very timewasting con. Both my husband & I were notified of surprises. After struggling to find the correct site to log our code nos (make it difficult, why dont you) we were both told codes had expired. Rubbish. My husband recieved his on the 21st Jan – today is the 23th. I expect you to contact me to explain yourselves. You have our email address. We are entitled to our prizes. I intend to take this to the apropriate authorities. This scam cannot be allowed to continue.

  12. I have tried Firefox and Safari which both say “There was an error while logging in” and when I use Internet Explorer it tells me my platform is not supported. I am on an iBook G4 using OSX 10.4

    I tried the non-flash site which leads straight to a blank white page saying “Error page”.

    Great stuff :/

  13. have tried to claim my surprises what a load of rubbish it wont let me do it and there is no number to contact anyone wont bother again

  14. was surprised at some of the messages as found site no trouble and recieved suprises on each occasion thanks o2 its not often we get somethin for nothing

  15. iam so angry with the 02 surprises web page i have been trying to enter my phone number and code but the page is not accepting them what a waste of my time i am so much thinking of changing to orange i am so fed up with 02


    I’ve been receiving the reward codes each time that I top up and have visited 02’s website numerous times to play both the silver and gold games.

    All goes well to begin with. I am able to enter my mobile number and reward code as required and I even get to hook a duck (or 2 when playing the gold game).

    Problem is when I go to collect my prize I am met with the message that says: ‘There was an error preventing you from collecting your prize’. SO HELPFUL!!!!

    I have now spent almost 2 months making phone calls to 02’s customer services dept at 25p per call (from my mobile) and have been told various different things including:

    1. To try and claim my prize again in 24 hours. (Doesn’t work still!)
    2. They are experiencing technical problems which will be rectified shortly. (After 2 months of trying is this still the reason?)
    3. The problem is my computer and to try and claim from somebody elses! (Not true as had the same result when trying from no less than 4 others!)

    Also whenever I call 02 they promise that an advisor will phone me back within 24 hours and each time I wait 3 days before phoning them again!

    Oh , by the way – I wouldn’t bother emailing your complaint either as they don’t acknowledge it let alone respond!

    I’ve sent all these details to BBC’s Watchdog website – perhaps they’ll have more luck investigating this!

    The more of you that report this to them the better chance we all have of getting our so called prizes!

  17. I used to get my codes done thru my phone internet but now it just says
    Sorry the requested item could not be found (status code: 404) whats this

  18. I used to get my codes done thru my phone internet but now it just says Sorry the requested item could not be found (status code: 404) whats this

  19. played gold game won free texts BUT WHERE ARE THEY, no help on web what a waste of time.Have done lots times no problems before,

  20. wot u all winging about iv never had any problems with claiming my rewards n o2 is way better than orange. id rather not have a phone than be on orange

  21. i get my surprises every time o2 great for me love it get loads free goodies thanks

  22. and again i top up last time did not get any code but i have try lost code and 02 send me a code again worked…hope that help

  23. tried to get on 02 surprises,can’t log on.oh well prob have to use 100 texts by midnight tonight anyway,what garb this is!.

  24. THANK YOU so so much!
    Finally managed after about 6months of lost suprises and many contacts to 02 to fix their flash on site, I got a prize all because you actually put the non flash version of the game on here THANK YOU again!!

    If you are all trying to use the flash version DON’T it neve works, and I play a lot of flash games so I know it don’t work, use the link at this page for the non flash version that actually works, don’t bother trying to contact 02!!!!

  25. what a scam. The code is a pre-determined winner. Try opening the same page in multiple tabs and enter the code various times without collecting the prize.

    Hook all ducks in the pond and its the same prize.

  26. I have 14 codes that i cannot enter, i have tried and tried. After many calls and several emails to o2 (which used up hours of MY time) they finally sent me an email saying i could enter my codes and everything would work. I copied down all my codes (more time wasted) and entered them as instructed. I got message saying i had won free txts, free calls etc and thought GREAT! At last i get satisfaction. Guess what? Nothing came through to my mobile! AAAAARRRGGGHH!! More phone calls and emails and promises of rewards….STILL waiting. Frustrating waste of time…A total con, It appears a small percentage of people are getting their rewards and the rest of us definately are not! Angry, fed up and feeling conned.

  27. I have (in the past) used the rewards system and received my rewards but have been unable to do so for the last four months. I know i’m doing everything right, i have had enough now. £150 POUNDS ON O2 TOP UPS IN THE LAST TWO MONTHS AN THIS IS HOW I AM TREATED?
    Hello Orange. :))

  28. wot a joke these surprises. i top up at least £40 per month and get surprises i already have get a grip 02 or i am off back to orange

  29. Just played and won £150pp off a holiday with concierge travel and thought it was brill! However, after looking on the concierge website it turns out the holidays are in their thousands, how are me and my friends supposed to afford that?!?!

  30. why does it say you can win bigger prize on the o2 surprises yet you only ever win free text or internet browseing or picture messageing so i beleive this is a fake site.

  31. O2 suck. The whole thing is a load of shite. I’ve had over twenty gold surprises and never won a damn thing worth having, even on multiple tries (you get 3). O2 know I’ve already got free texts and O2 calls so that’s all they ever give me – No Surprises there then.

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