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Lately we are getting a lot of visitors to our site searching for O2’s promotion O2 Top-up surprises. O2 launched Top-up Surprises promotion to reward it’s prepay customers few days ago. A lot of people seem to confused on where to claim their prize or how to play. We have compiled FAQ that you might find useful, most of this information is from O2 website.

1. How do I make sure I get promo code when I top-up?

You need to make sure you are opted in. To do this, call 2220 from your mobile and choose the option for O2 Top-up Surprises.

2. Where do I play?

You play and claim your prizes here: http://topupsurprises.o2.co.uk or http://www.o2.co.uk/surprises

If your browser doesn’t have Flash install, then go to non-flash version: http://topupsurprises.o2.co.uk/nonflash/?r=1


3. What surprises can I receive?

There are three types:

* A network gift (free texts, minutes or picture messages)
* A download gift (a free game, ringtone or wallpaper)
* An instant win prize (eg an iPod Touch, Nintendo Wii)

Click on the surprises icons on the O2 Top-up Surprises site homepage. For list of instant win prizes click here.

4. I’ve lost or deleted my code. How do I get it back?

There’s a link on the homepage of the O2 Top-up Surprises website. It’s on the right hand side. Just type in your phone number and click to have it resent. You can do this up to five times. Or alternatively click here: http://topupsurprises.o2.co.uk/nonflash/resendCode.jsp and enter your phone number.

5. How long does my code last for?

You’ve got 14 days from the time you top up.

6. When will I get my code?

Usually it won’t take more than 15 minutes, but it can take up to 2 hours.

7. I don’t have the internet. How do I play?

You can’t play without the website, so get looking for the nearest internet café or ask a friend if you can use their computer.

8. My O2 Top-up Surprises code doesn’t work

Check you’ve typed it in right and that the code hasn’t passed its expiry date (14 days after you topped up).

9. When does my surprise expire once I’ve claimed it?

It differs depending on what you’ve won. You’ll be told when your network or download gift will expire when you claim your surprise.

Hope this helps, happy winning!

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  1. Put phone number and code in and then forgot to submit it, when i realise what i had done tried to go back but it would’nt let me.

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